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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Home again :)

Last Wednesday we headed out for a last camping trip before we started school for the was great!  It was also nice because we went the week after the public schools started back, so we had the cream of the crop to choose from for camp sites. :)  One of the benefits of home-schooling...  We had the river just down some steps with a great spot for the kids to fish and swim.  We had Grandma along with the cousins and Aunt Dandi, we had a blast!  I think that one of the best family activities you can do is to go camping!  You work together setting up camp, then you play together enjoying the outdoors, cook together, sing together, and eat together!  Your husband gets up during the night to take the kids to the bathroom, sees skunks around the campsite, so you decide that you are NOT going to the bathroom during the night, no matter what! ;)  That would be one way to ruin a camping trip...  You get to see deer, pet deer, black squirrels, brown squirrels, skunks, armadillos, frogs, what fun!  You get to ride bikes, climb mountains (big hills in my opinion lol), swim the river, tube the river, swing off rope swings....lots to do together, we love it!  I don't get outside much at home, so camping for me is wonderful!  I miss being able to walk around the neighbourhood at night (due to lots of dogs on the loose) like we do a lot in Australia, also riding bikes is hard due to the same reason!  Although we have now invested in bottle clips for our bikes, and have started carrying wasp/hornet spray!  Not only does it kill wasps (which we found out the hard way that our son is allergic to...) it can also blind dogs or attackers from 20 feet away apparently, so maybe we can get out and about more now.

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Anonymous said...

Nice pic...looks like a nice place. I can't believe how much you go camping! Sounds like a plan with the wasp spray, btw!!!