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Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School Soon!

Although all the public schools started back today, ours is scheduled to start back next Monday...I am looking forward to it.  Last year was hard....REALLY hard.  I changed curriculum with one daughter, and hated it.  Had issues with children that kept recurring, and having to be dealt with.  Was pregnant with baby #5... But if I am totally honest...I was sloppy, very sloppy.  I didn't keep a close tab like I should have, and we all paid for it, with much frustration, and many problems.  So this year, the goal is to knuckle down and make it an awesome year!  Please remind me of this daily...LOL ;)

I have changed my daughter's curriculum BACK to where we were, and where I should have stayed, and not strayed from...ACE school of tomorrow.  I will be homeschooling FOUR children this year.  Pray for me...  "Squirt" who just turned 4 is going to be doing Preschool, Jekkie (7) will be in first grade, Jorge (8) will be be in 4th, and Iddy (10) will be in 5th.  Crazy, huh?  I am going to be using Horizons Preschool with Squirt.  We have never used it before, but don't like ACE's preschool, as it is just WAY too much colouring.  My kids like to colour...but.... :)  I like what I see so far, and if needs be we can just do a light day with him.  I think though that it will be easier to have him occupied and learning, than pulling out toys all over the place, and creating yet MORE housework! I already don't have enough of that!

Ellie will be working on her colours, shapes, and learning the alphabet.  JUST KIDDING!!!!  I think I'll wait till she's 7 months old, at least.  Besides, don't they have to be potty-trained to go to preschool?  But hey, with cloth diapers, she have that down by 10 months right?  ;)

And last but not least, my dear, darling, awesome husband has finally, FINALLY agreed to let us have his office for a schoolroom!   Can I please have a round of applause for him?  YAY!!!!  In return, he gets the china cabinet/bookshelf for all his stuff.  (and a few reserved spots in the office are still his)  I am really hoping to try and cut down on the mess/housework, by having it contained in a room out of the way.  We always ended up in the living/lounge room, as I'm a wimp, and like a comfy seat which is not provided at the school stuff would end up from one end of the house to the other. 

Also...must try to STOP MULTI-TASKING!!!!  Although moms are famous for it, I am starting to feel that I multitask so much, yet nothing is really done WELL.  I want to try to focus on SCHOOL, when the kids are schooling, HOUSEWORK before and after school...and try to do ONE thing well, at a time.  If it doesn't work, we'll just revert back.  :)

How about y'all?

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Anonymous said...

Ok, so since I know Just.How.Stubborn he was being, I defintiely give him a shout-out!! Yay for the change of heart. :)

All the best for the year ahead! xox