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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sewing Cloth Diapers...

...when you have 5 kids is a little slow...Day #1...Cut out Pattern...Day #2 Decide on different Pattern...print pattern, cut it out, make adjustments while mentally hoping that the adjustments will work....cut out fabric...pull out hair...quickly put everything away while you remember that Prayer meeting is at YOUR house tonight...must do housework, and whip everything back into place...realise the days of sitting down and concentrating on a project are long gone, and that you're not going to get anywhere fast!

P.S. Will try to post pics here and there...but not today! The above housework is still screaming my name....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cloth Diapering...

Although I am mom to 5 kids, I must confess....I had never, NEVER, used a cloth diaper before on any of my kids before this baby...and really didn't think I would like it. Well, I decided this time around, I was going to try I was feeling just a teeny-weeny bit guilty about chucking all those diapers in the trash...if it really does take 500 years to decompose, or whatever it is "they" say. Now for anyone reading this...I AM NOT A GREENIE! and I do not care if you use disposables, and I too will still use them on occasion, like tomorrow, seeing as my washing machine just died! I used disposables the first month or so...just saying! Anyway, I LOVE IT! It is too fun...(remind me of this when I get to the whole "bigger baby" issues!) I bought "modern" cloth diapers, namely BumGenius 3.0's from DiaperDaisy who btw had great customer service, and I highly recommend! I got them on a rare sale... I also purchased a FLIP hybrid diaper, which has since become my favourite. No STUFFING! Just pop an insert in the cover, snap it on the baby and go! However, it has given me an itch to make my own...soooooo stay tuned for my adventure of sewing cloth diapers. Number one priority...THEY MUST BE CUTE, oh, and not leak, they must fit, etc...and all that boring stuff.

I'm Back!

You all thought I had fallen off the face of the earth didn't you? ;) Well, I decided that I should probably jump back on, and update y'all a little! For those who may not know, although I don't know who wouldn't...we had a baby girl!!!! Woohoo! She is sooooo sweet and we are all enjoying her immensely! She was born on February the 20th, and is growing like crazy! The kids think she is the best... Honestly, the best gift you can give your kids, is another kid! LOL And the more you have, the easier it gets...OK, except for going places without your husband! That, I must admit, is a little more time consuming! Oh, and shopping with a newborn who "feeds on demand" can make shopping in the local craft store a little bit interesting....think...feed baby while trying to look like you are doing nothing as you casually flip through the pattern catalog books...or try multi-tasking aka. hold and feed baby while pushing stroller, while browsing, while trying to look innocent...rofl I love being a mom though...they are so much fun! (course, we have our, ahem, "moments" just like everyone else where I am periodically bald...)