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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

See what I got in the mail?

Lots of FOE!!!  I LOVE all the colours :)  So much fun to get packages in the mail!  FOE starts out flat, like the monkey one, but you have to wash/dry it before you use it as it will shrink.  Some of these doubled over when washed, but they are all 1 inch wide.  Some I will use on diapers, but I also will use it for around the edge of hoodies, sleeves, baby necklines etc.

Oh, and here's the other diaper cover I made...only I made the mistake of washing it with some pre-folds which made the FOE get fuzzy.  The foe seems to have faded in the last wash too...hope my new stuff holds it's colours...they are so bright and cheerful!  This cover looks sooooo cute on favourite out of the two. 

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