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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Check this out!

Over at "Life in a Shoe" they have a coupon for a free download from! The download is some of the Jonathan Park series. They also are having a $50 giveaway to Behemoth as well! Go check it out to get the coupon code, and to enter their giveaway.

Sorry to say this, but this is only for people living in the USA :(

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Bed....

This is for my sister Kristy...I was telling her about my 'new' bed on Facebook...some friends were sick of their bedroom furniture, decided to buy new for Christmas....on the spur of the moment I asked what they were doing with their old bed (I vaguely remembered that it was wood and King size), and they said that I could have it!!!! It was sooo much nicer than I remembered, and I 'love' it! Here 'tis.....

Monday, February 23, 2009

Online Specs....

Well, I finally got in my new glasses that I had ordered online!!!! I ordered two pairs, one with prescription sunglass lenses and one regular prescription. Actually, they really didn't take very long, they said two weeks and it was exactly two weeks today. ya like 'em???Seeing as I wasn't able to try them on before I bought them, I was a little nervous how they would look...LOL But I really like them! (I think they'll have to grow on Heath a couple more days LOL, even though he helped me to pick them - the black ones.)

Wanna guess $$$$????

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I told the kids that we were going to try and learn to speak Spanish, and had been keeping an eye out for some good curriculum/books. I plan on trying the Library before I buy a whole lot, as I'd like it to be as cheap as possible! I got a lot of helpful suggestions here....she has been a great help to me in many areas! Thank you Kimberly! (she answered a question for me on this subject back in January) Well, yesterday as I was at my favourite store Ross finishing up some shopping for a birthday party, my eye caught sight of this.
The only bummer is that the reader books are actually not the animal ones shown, but are on the wild weather, destruction earth, and space mysteries. Still cool subjects though! I think I might go back as they had two of these, and see if the other one has the animal ones. It only cost me $9.99 and has three beginning readers with 3 matching audio CDs and a story book with a CD as well, 2 sets of flash cards (beginning words and numbers) a workbook, and reward stickers. I so hope they still have the other set LOL! If only I had looked inside...but still a great buy for $10! So now we can start learning Spanish! This is soooooo "us". Most of the books we buy are educationally fun, and the kids love animals, and creepy crawlies, and also scary weather ;).

Our day....

Today we went to watch a friend play baseball, and who should we run into but the young guy who we watched play as a kid. He is all grown up and a teenager now! It was so nice to see him and his mom again. We used to live on opposite corners, and he loved our 'little' kids. He was also a real monkey, (but the sweetest kid ever) and him and his mates would play in our front yard. He was Jorge's inspiration that started him wanting to play baseball like Wiwey (Riley). So now we have two teenage guys to go and watch, although they are on competing teams. ;) And soon we get to watch Jorge too.... It was freezing though...everyone was there wrapped up in blankets, LOL. We watched a couple of innings then headed off to do some errands. This afternoon we headed out to the State Park where Heath and Jorge practiced some baseball, (then they chased an armadillo, that Heath managed to "catch" in his baseball glove, mometarily....rotfl)' then the kids rode their bikes. Then Daddy let the kids drive around the 'wagon wheel' was such a hoot! When it got to Jazz's turn Heath would let him steer wherever....then slam on the brakes when we were about to hit the tree, fence, or whatever. It was sooooo funny. Jazz loved it. Then a deer stepped out, so we stopped and watched her for a while, and then headed back home, for a quick clean up and supper. And now the kids are in bed, and it is starting to quieten down. I still hear the boys chatting/playing softly, but peaceful nonetheless.

We are growing....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Little Linky Love!

Go pay this girl a visit...I enjoyed this post, and this one this morning!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Don't You Just Love it???!!!!

OK, this is the first blog design that I have really got excited about! Finally have found one that says "ME"!!!!! (at least for now!) ;)

We're Sprouting!

Some of the seeds we planted have already sprouted! In only three days...what fun! (We planted them on Friday)

It's that time again....

to start gardening! I had almost decided not to have a garden this year as last year was a horrible flop....but I talked myself into it! ;) This year I decided to try starting seed indoors...hopefully I'm not too late already! First I bought these little guys.....

They are compressed peat, and when you add water, they change into this! Ready for planting seeds....

Another option is to fill foam cups with potting soil, and cover with baggies/rubber bands to create a little hot house.... And these, (tulips and hyacinths) got planted out the front along with pastel gladiolas! I want to have lots of cut flowers this year to brighten the home with, along with all the roses.
I also bought 4 blueberry plants, and my dear darling husband planted two more peach trees for me! Our first one has done amazing, and has some of the best fruit ever. We chose two different varieties so that we can have an extended harvest. We have really bad dirt out the front, so we'll have to see how that one will make it! The seeds we planted indoors were Jalapeno peppers, tomatoes (2 kinds), marigolds (to help repel bugs in the garden), zinnias (bright bold flowers to attract bees), brussel sprouts, broccoli, zucchini, yellow squash, butternut, and I don't remember anymore! Then today, I got outside, and with Jorge helping we planted 3 packets of peas, tied up all the blackberry brambles (I hope we get some fruit off them this year?), and watered our cherry bushes (also hoping for a first crop this year...I got one baby cherry last year...LOL) I have also pruned our big peach tree and our pear tree....for the first time....scary stuff that pruning....but it had to be done!

I also need to contact Gurneys and see about getting some replacement plants. They have a lifetime guarantee on their plants, and I bought raspberries, but they all died. I also have a tree, a Lil' Big Sundance, and all of it died but the bottome 6 inches, which finally sent off shoots, and then because it was still so little, the dog attacked it! I have pruned it back and will wait and see what happens, but I'll let them know the story, and see what they say. They may not replace it seeing as the dog dealt the final blow, but it can't hurt to see, I guess.

I'd love to hear if anyone else is gardening too!

My Knight....

In Shining Underwear....
Charging to the battle!

Busy Life!

On Monday we went and signed up Jorge to play Pee Wee baseball!!!! (or as he used to say..."I want to play pooeee baseball...LOL) I am excited! I love to watch little kids play. We used to go watch a neighbourhood kid was great fun. But we'll have to basically kiss about 12 weekends goodbye, or maybe more. He doesn't start till April though, so we have a little bit of life till then. We had to take him two days later to buy his cleats, as he just couldn't wait! ;) I think it will be good for him in other ways too. Teamwork, learning to take orders from other adults, and finding out that their are other kids that just might be better than him, and being friends to those who aren't very cool too. We've already had a lesson in that...LOL I think it will be a great family time.