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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our day....

Today we went to watch a friend play baseball, and who should we run into but the young guy who we watched play as a kid. He is all grown up and a teenager now! It was so nice to see him and his mom again. We used to live on opposite corners, and he loved our 'little' kids. He was also a real monkey, (but the sweetest kid ever) and him and his mates would play in our front yard. He was Jorge's inspiration that started him wanting to play baseball like Wiwey (Riley). So now we have two teenage guys to go and watch, although they are on competing teams. ;) And soon we get to watch Jorge too.... It was freezing though...everyone was there wrapped up in blankets, LOL. We watched a couple of innings then headed off to do some errands. This afternoon we headed out to the State Park where Heath and Jorge practiced some baseball, (then they chased an armadillo, that Heath managed to "catch" in his baseball glove, mometarily....rotfl)' then the kids rode their bikes. Then Daddy let the kids drive around the 'wagon wheel' was such a hoot! When it got to Jazz's turn Heath would let him steer wherever....then slam on the brakes when we were about to hit the tree, fence, or whatever. It was sooooo funny. Jazz loved it. Then a deer stepped out, so we stopped and watched her for a while, and then headed back home, for a quick clean up and supper. And now the kids are in bed, and it is starting to quieten down. I still hear the boys chatting/playing softly, but peaceful nonetheless.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like fun. cool wildlife. :) y'all are such wild things. ;)