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Monday, February 16, 2009

Don't You Just Love it???!!!!

OK, this is the first blog design that I have really got excited about! Finally have found one that says "ME"!!!!! (at least for now!) ;)


Anonymous said...

i would never in a million years have picked it as "you"...who knew?! glad you're excited, though. :)

Melinda said...

Same as above. I did like your last one but it is prob more your kids than you. Thanks for the update. Good to hear that you are enjoying your gardening. I wish we could come and visit so that you could meet C. We are not able to make that happen at the moment though but hopefully we will be able to start doing something about it soon.
Love to you all.

Dena said...

I do love the new design! I am glad that you enjoy it too. I need to start getting motivated about a garden but I haven't been able to keep mine alive since moving to camp. I am so busy in the spring and summer. I do good till summer then everything dies. I may give up for now. :)