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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm Back!

You all thought I had fallen off the face of the earth didn't you? ;) Well, I decided that I should probably jump back on, and update y'all a little! For those who may not know, although I don't know who wouldn't...we had a baby girl!!!! Woohoo! She is sooooo sweet and we are all enjoying her immensely! She was born on February the 20th, and is growing like crazy! The kids think she is the best... Honestly, the best gift you can give your kids, is another kid! LOL And the more you have, the easier it gets...OK, except for going places without your husband! That, I must admit, is a little more time consuming! Oh, and shopping with a newborn who "feeds on demand" can make shopping in the local craft store a little bit interesting....think...feed baby while trying to look like you are doing nothing as you casually flip through the pattern catalog books...or try multi-tasking aka. hold and feed baby while pushing stroller, while browsing, while trying to look innocent...rofl I love being a mom though...they are so much fun! (course, we have our, ahem, "moments" just like everyone else where I am periodically bald...)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you demand feed? why does that surprise's not like you've ever aspired to be the queen of organsation, is it? ;) no criticism, just a comment. :)

i can't remember what your blog looked like last time i was here but, at any rate, i'm liking the current look.

so is jorge getting a little brother for his 10th birthday since iddy biddy got a little sister for hers then?? lol