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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cloth Diapering...

Although I am mom to 5 kids, I must confess....I had never, NEVER, used a cloth diaper before on any of my kids before this baby...and really didn't think I would like it. Well, I decided this time around, I was going to try I was feeling just a teeny-weeny bit guilty about chucking all those diapers in the trash...if it really does take 500 years to decompose, or whatever it is "they" say. Now for anyone reading this...I AM NOT A GREENIE! and I do not care if you use disposables, and I too will still use them on occasion, like tomorrow, seeing as my washing machine just died! I used disposables the first month or so...just saying! Anyway, I LOVE IT! It is too fun...(remind me of this when I get to the whole "bigger baby" issues!) I bought "modern" cloth diapers, namely BumGenius 3.0's from DiaperDaisy who btw had great customer service, and I highly recommend! I got them on a rare sale... I also purchased a FLIP hybrid diaper, which has since become my favourite. No STUFFING! Just pop an insert in the cover, snap it on the baby and go! However, it has given me an itch to make my own...soooooo stay tuned for my adventure of sewing cloth diapers. Number one priority...THEY MUST BE CUTE, oh, and not leak, they must fit, etc...and all that boring stuff.


Rachel said...

HAHA!!! Narelle, you're hilarious!!!! I love that you have blogged TWICE in one day! Now, really, I know you're "coming back online", but please don't overdo it and then disappear off the face of the blog for a few months...
But seriously, it was so good to read from you!! :)

Anonymous said...

rach, you know she blogs like that!!! of course, she'll blog a few times then drop off the planet! ;)

i admit to a chuckle about sewing your own's that winter coat coming along??? :D

if you need somebody to vouch for the "not greenie" thing, let me know. i well remember how backward america is in recyling. :)


Now, now, girls! I'll try not to disappear for more than 6 months at a time. @Kristy, the winter coat is waiting, but for good reasons! 1. I was pregnant ;p and didn't want to mess up the fit...and 2 we are now going into there! lol

Anonymous said...

so if you start now, you might have it done by winter! ;)