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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Speaking of Rats...

We were, were we not?... We do have a problem with those, and thankfully...other than yesterday, it is an outdoor problem. Last winter they decided that our grill/bbq was the best place for a nest....yes, you read right...our grill. You know the thing that you cook your burgers on....nice juicy steaks....yeah. Wanna come over and 'cook out'? I wasn't very happy sharing my cooking surface with a family so Lee (OK, that's my husbands webname now, for all you commenters) came up with a way to down the population....All you rat lovers may now leave. He would sneak out there ever so quietly....and turn the gas on, wait a few minutes....and throw in a match! BOOM! Worked great..... Now, this doesn't necessarily kill them but it does flush them out...stunned, dizzy and blinded....and often with a new fur-style too. Then you finish them off with a sturdy piece of wood....and if you miss a few....repeat the process the next night.

And that is our rat elimination process....and that works for we have kids, I don't want poison in the back yard if I can help it! Now for any of you rat lovers, (I feel sorry for you...), but uh, germ ridden rats must be 'taken care of' and whether you shoot, smash, burn, or poison 'em they, er, end up, um....dead. And if you wish to come and hold a burial service....most of them should be in the vacant block near our house.....respectfully tossed of course.


Ewokgirl said...

I had to laugh at this because we used to have a 'possum problem in our yard. My husband went out one evening to use the grill, and he found a 'possum inside it!

Unfortunately, we've also had rats under our deck. They like our bird feeder. I have a live-and-let-live attitude towards them... until they start busting into the garage. Then I use poison sticks from the feed store. I shove them under the deck. *sigh*

southeastcountrywife said...

what are you on?! where did this new blogginess come from? i'm in awe of you.

FriendOfJulia said...

I am LOVING the sense of humour, Narelle!!!! Something to be very proud of, and something that I hope will continue :-P
LOL About the kids!!!!! Brings back memories... :-D
But I'm sure you'd remember more than me!!
Love ya!

FriendOfJulia said...

ohh.. by the way.. that "friendofjulia" comment was by me--Rachel :-)