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Friday, May 14, 2010

Cloth Diaper #1

Finally, I am getting around to blogging! I actually finished this diaper just a couple of days after my last post. :) First I cut out the fabric, then applied a strip of Ooga Booga Poly Knit for cuteness ;) The Violet Fabric is PUL which is waterproof. I used polyester thread, seeing as they say cotton will cause wicking/leaking, I decided to take "their" word for it...!

Then I applied my snaps, without thinking, even into the seam allowance...*sigh*...had to remove the one on the left. first mistake.... ;)Then I applied the elastic using the method you can see below, only stitching the ends, which apparently gives it longer can also see that I reinforced the snaps with scrap PUL
Same for the waist, only I used two pieces here so I could have a pocket opening here, as I don't like welt pocket openings...(BG diapers have welts...too fiddly to keep them closed, and insert off baby's skin)Here it is can how you switch from a narrow topstitch to wide around the elastic creating a casing.On da baby...compared to a Bumgenius all-in-one XS diaperand here it is with it unsnapped to grow a size...
And here, to compare...BG XS, mine (sm setting), and a BG one size pocket diaper (sm setting)Now, I don't recommend using Poly knits for cutifying your diapers...lesson learned...they snag terribly!! and get runs in them...stick with cotton knits...besides cottons are so much nicer anyway ;0 And really, I think I like Plain ol' colours better, anyway...try matching cute little Ooga Booga print with all your little girlie dresses...LOL talk about clashing!

I have also made 2 diaper covers, similar to the FLIP system...more on those in another post!

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Anonymous said...

i am EXTREMELY impressed! well done! :) start sewing for me now and by the time i need them, you'll have me all set up! thanks, love! ;)