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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Long time no post....

As you can see it's been around 6 months since I last blogged....and I can't say that I've missed it....BUT I should probably do a little here and there for the family and friends that live on the other side of the world...can't y'all just move over here????? ;)

Anyway, this year has been busy, crazy, and busy. We found out that we are expecting Baby #5 in February, had my sister come over from Australia to visit, took our family to Australia to visit my family, my sister came back with us to stay for a while, we've had people over to stay with us on weekends, been to conferences, visited U.S. name it. :) I am glad to say that it's slowed down a little at present though, and I have been enjoying a little more regular schedule which is helpful with 4 kids underfoot.

Looking forward to enjoying some time with the kids this week while they are off school! Not that we will likely get up to a whole lot. Yesterday was a movie day and we made a batch of gingerbread cookies that turned out great! Today may just be a trip to the park while we have some decent weather...

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Anonymous said...

wow, a recipe, a blog post, and a new look! you're steaming ahead. :)

no, we don't really want to move there...we all know australia is better...but we will be happy if you ever move here. besides, apparently majority rules--nobody will move to MG either. :P