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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Best Place to Shop Online....

I have been greatly blessed through a website for a while now, and have decided that I need to give them the publicity that they deserve. This is the absolute best place to shop for educational supplies and Christian Books etc. Especially if you like a bargain! You do have to have fit into certain categories, BUT they include homeschoolers and pastors, churches, resellers etc.

The only catch is that you really need to live in the States, as you need to pay with a check/cheque....(can be done online, though)

so here they are...


You simply go and set up an account, selecting your wholesale category, and start shopping!

I would very highly recommend the Focus on the Family Radio Theater CD's. They are awesome. We have The Hiding Place, The Cost of Freedom (Dietrich Bonhoeffer), Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, Ben Hur, The Secret Garden....and they have many more. They are very well done, and keep all ages listening.

They have an awesome selection of educational books, and DVDs (ie: Moody Science, History Channel etc.)

And the best part is the prices...they have regular email newsletter sales (make sure you sign up for it!) that have great deals.

Anyway, for all of you folks who can use them....Please do! They are a clean and wholesome place, and promote Christian values.

Oh, and they also have very reasonable shipping rates!

So head over and take a look!


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