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Monday, November 3, 2008

Safe and Sound....

Well, he made little brother is here from Australia! We picked him up from the airport yesterday, although we were a little late so was he.....thankfully! He was supposed to arrive at 3:25 and we got there about 3:40 and ran as fast as we could ( in high to his gate. We had got up real early and spent time with the church in Ft. Worth, and then ate with some friends. The men were talking then got burning some mp3 cds, and so although we weren't far from the airport....ahhhh we cut it a little too close. But we made it there before he did, so all was good. We threw him in the car and headed home just as our local church was finishing up their meeting, and headed over there, to introduce Tim, and eat a meal together.

It has been told to me that a certain person stuck their head in the door and said "he has a really cool accent, you should come and listen to it" (or something to that effect), then stuck their head back in and said "it's even better than Crocodile Dundee!" LOL I have been a great dissappointment to all with my lack of an Aussie accent....but somehow I think that Tim will make up for a lot of that. I also think they will probably find that I have a shocking mongrel accent while he's here....a TEXAUS accent...*grin*

Today I think we'll take it easy...right now he's still's after 9, but I'm guessing he'll be out soon. Lee's at work, but maybe if he gets enough done today, he'll have some time off tomorrow.

Well, guess I should go and make some bread for lunch! Then I have about 60 apples to peel so that I can make apple pie filling for the freezer. I might make some candy/toffee apples with the kids. Yes, they were on sale. Yes, I am following in my mother's footsteps with bargain hunting....LOL They were on sale 10/$1 for the small ones....I got 29 (that was all they had at the second store I tried) Then knowing that my SIL was near another store, so I asked her to get me another 30, they were out of the little one's but the manager said she could have the big ones at the same price.....Yessss! ;) Then I have a huge pumpkin to cook/mash for the freezer, but I'm gonna make Tim cut that up.... See? I'm also making use of the extra help....and if he's bored, I can find something for him to do....I'm learning Mum, I really am! It's funny how much you understand your Mum once you become one yourself...LOL

Anyway, must go!


Jewelz said...

Good to hear that he doesn't disappoint with his Aussie accent! I would say he's got the most Aussie accent out of all of us :)

Yeah, get him to do all the work :P
And tell him I told you to!

Anonymous said...

haha, you'll come to see that tim's not exactly an early riser...

Anonymous said...

GO TIM!!!! show your big sis what a real man you are -- chopping up pumpkin and things of the like... you know, when you get married, you gota be prepared for ANYTHING!

(nice job Narelle :P)

Anonymous said...

ps the "friendofjulia" was Rachel :)